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Miss Diamond



AndjoeTV is a dominant entertainment content brand capturing hottest topics and stories related to lifestyle, pop-culture, arts and fashion. We continually present unique show series on our online platforms for audiences' entertainment. With our marketing roots, everything is made to be marketing-friendly on AndjoeTV. It is the perfect platform for brands to reach out, tell a story and get engaged with high quality potential customers and markets.

Miss Diamond is an online talent scouting contest that Andjoe hosts every summer, in order to discover young talents and welcome them to Andjoe's big family. What we are looking for are young elites from all industries who have a story to tell and the ability to make the story into internet celebrated contents of any form. With the help from Andjoe's media partners and local top brands, Miss Diamond Season One generated extremely high publicity result of more than 140K online engagements and 147 participants. 

Andjoe's professional talent management team then help the winners to start a career online, manage publicity and provide a platform for diamonds to shine.

Andjoe is great at bringing that extra glamour when it comes to events, whether it's concerts, workshops, private parties, fashion shows or marketing and sales events. We remain an extremely creative and professional event planning team that takes care of planning, design, video production, marketing & advertising and publicity management for event projects that we take on. 

*we do offer a special free-of-cost event planning package for LGBTQ community events every year. Hit us with the details and get yourself a great partner

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